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Production 2017 - Dance and areal straps

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C'est tout

C'est tout

The 8th of September 2018
Théâtre de l'Arsenic - Gindou France

The 17th of November 2018
La Grainerie - Toulouse - France

The question of movement and space is considered here in suspension, in three dimensions. A choreography of volume, upside down, without apparent meaning. Permission to dream, the impossible, a certain brutal and sweet poetry…

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The Plateforme

The Plateforme

Creation, performances, production, an application directed by an artist, for sustain the artists, for the population in a territory.

La Plateforme is a base for cultural development of a territory, grounded in artists’residencies, creation, audience-building, awareness-raising and education. Economically planned, it is based on the pooling of skills and energies, networking infrastructure and the construction of a web of different sites of dissemination and production

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Le NeufNeuf

Le NeufNeuf

Contemporary dance festival
From the 9th until 18th of November 2018

The NeufNeuf Festival is a high point for the Samuel Mathieu Company and La Plateforme. The promotion of shows and regional, national and international touring of dance works are the heart of the festival. It brings together the group of artists working at La Plateforme to show their works and those from other regions and countries, promoting encounter and exchange.

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