The challenge of this piece lies in its title: “The war of the line and of colour.”
(…) The jealous line of colour, authentic inhabitant of space attempts to break free of its condition as a tourist in space: the line dissolves and invades the pictorial surface. This is the discovery of the all-powerful dominant to be brought to light, evolution allows this initiation that will bring everything into order. All desire true peace everywhere: not that expression full of falseness and dishonesty: “the peace of nations”, but the ineffable peace of nature and of man before the intrusion of the line into color. Yves Klein


A struggle that seems to be of particular relevance today. A metaphorical title, poetry of the line and of colour, that highlights the challenge that each of the parties represents. A kind of symbolic correspondence that flirts with our world, with our history, our human condition. The relevance of Klein’s words, of his way of looking at the world, through art, suggests here the idea of emptiness, of origin, of beginning, of the blueprint.
A precursor in this test, Yves Klein conceptualizes the staging as a whole. He summarizes and embodies the performer he plays, highlighting the notion of representation.

Staying with this idea, he causes the image in its epoch to appear for the first time, the film in the living spectacle. The result is a skeleton of staging. An artistic form as much as a tool, today this approach is frequent in spectacles, installations and contemporary dance performances.
Modernity of concept, timelessness of the subject, universality of the intention.
War opens up perspectives of matter, a struggle both real and poetic that blends lines and directions, inscribing the trace, the hue, in the flesh of the dancing body but also in a seductive paradox between line and colour. Yves Klein offers, thanks to the projected image, the disseminated film, a volume, an architecture of space, a scenography where the real and the virtual will dispute a living territory.


Conception & Chorégraphie : Samuel Mathieu

Assistant : Lionel Bègue

Danse & Areal straps : Fabienne Donnio, Martin Mauriès, Julia Moncla,Jonas Leclere, Ana Maria Diaz Torado, Dimitri Rizzello, (Anthony Weiss)

Composer : Maxime Denuc

Light disigner : William Lambert, Arthur Gueydan

Technical Staff : Amaury Kerbouch'

Pictures : Pierre Ricci


Coproduction by the CDCN La place De La Danse à Toulouse - CIRCA Pôle National Cirque à Auch
Residences in La Grainerie, Fabrique des Arts du Cirque et de l'Itinérance